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 Erica Vogel

Dr. Erica Vogel is a cultural anthropologist who works on issues of globalization, migration and religious conversion between Asia and Latin America. Her current research project is about the migration of Peruvian laborers to South Korea and how many of them have converted to evangelical Protestantism while in Korea and joined with their Korean churches to launch new missions in Latin America.

As a postdoctoral fellow at the PBRC, Erica will teach two courses: Intro to the Pacific Basin in the fall and a course about Asia and Latin America in the spring. In these courses, students will use scholarly readings and feature and documentary films to examine important themes including the globalization of media, food, and trash, as well as ideas such as love, beauty and family. Students will read about the cultural impact of Hello Kitty, ramen noodles and K-Pop as they move across the Pacific Basin and design and conduct their own mini research projects on consumerism, social media and migration on the SUA campus.

Dr. Vogel is currently the Anthropology Instructor in the Department of Social Sciences at Saddleback College. Her profile can be found at

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