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Ilona Moore has a PhD in Geography, specializing in economic and political geography. Her work focuses on the geopolitics of food, agriculture, and development. Her dissertation, entitled The Work of ‘Feeding the World’: from India’s Green Revolution to the Paradox of Plenty, explores today’s divergent development realities marked by rising hunger rates alongside burgeoning food surpluses, and traces the logic underlying these policies back to the era of the “Green Revolution” of the 1960s. Post-dissertation, her research will focus on exploring the financialization of food and the logic of governance in food security policies. As a postdoctoral fellow at the PBRC at SOKA, she will be pursuing these issues through an examination of India’s 2013 National Food Security Act. Ilona will also teach two courses: “Introduction to the Pacific Basin 100” in the fall, and “Entitlements and Exclusions: Approaching Human Development in South Asia” in the spring.
These courses will focus on expanding students’ understanding of how contemporary realities have come to be and how to make sense of these realities and their interconnections across the Pacific Basin region. The course materials and discussions will emphasize the long histories of relations between places and cultures. Students will read, critique, and build conceptual frameworks adequate to understand the complexities—the contradictions and interconnections—of the everyday realities we share. Through readings, discussions, media, writing and speaking assignments, students will build a conceptual and analytic toolkit to understand the processes behind the realities and contradictions which manifest in development and globalization across the region.