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UCI Chinatown Fieldtrip: Laureen attending a class fieldtrip to Los Angeles Chinatown with Dr. Judy Tzu-Chun Wu's Chinese American Experience class. Photo courtesy of the Department of Asian American Studies at UC Irvine.

Note from Laureen

I am excited to teach undergraduate courses at SUA that will introduce students to different case studies of ethnic communities, with an emphasis on those whose origins are from the Pacific Basin area, and their experiences in the United States. These courses will ask students to critically examine the histories and contemporary issues of these different communities as a means to envision the possibilities for social equity at a community, regional, and global level.
Asian American Studies in Comparative Perspective
Asian Americans are the fastest growing group in the United States. This panethnic identity is inclusive of different communities who shared the common origin that they were of Asian descent. Yet, as much as there are commonalities across these groups, there are also differences, both of which can question what it means to be Asian American and the core unifying issues facing Asian Americans. This course is an introduction to Asian American Studies that will examine contemporary issues in this field by examining the experiences of the different ethnic communities that make up this diverse community. Drawing from readings, documentaries, media, and fieldtrips, students will participate in class discussions and analyze the commonalities, differences, and contradictions within and across different ethnic groups to understand how we define Asian America today. The issues discussed in the course will also be linked to broader political conversations about immigration, citizenship, popular culture, and ongoing racial tensions to better understand the complex social and political positioning of Asians in the United States.

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