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Human Rights: Positive Policies in Asia and the Pacific Rim

Human RightsEdited by John D. Montgomery

This book explores new and encouraging paths on the human rights topography. Its authors—all human rights activists and social scientists—focus on the very positive steps taken by many governments to assure their citizens of basic human rights. Women’s rights in China, India’s affirmative action policies for the disadvantaged, public health policies in the Philippines, group rights for Ecuador’s indigenous peoples, and education for exiled Tibetans in India are just a few of the case examples where policies and programs have advanced human rights. The authors not only provide historical analysis of the programs and policies but also invite comparison among them.

The book also explores the intersection of human values and human rights, by identifying recognized universal qualities that underlie the policies created by governments, non-governmental organizations, corporations, and volunteer activists in response to individual and community claims.

Human Rights: Positive Policies in Asia and the Pacific Rim represents an innovative approach to human rights research on which future studies can be modeled. Its findings illuminate promising directions in human rights and affirm that gradual improvements are taking place.

Available at the Hollis Publishing Company.

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