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Lecture Series

Since 2005, the PBRC has been hosting biannual lectures at the Soka University of America campus.

"Warriors into Peacemakers"
by Dan Caldwell
  October 27, 2014 from 5 to 6:00 pm
  Maathai 207 
Dan Caldwell 

 Dan Caldwell is distinguished professor of political science at Seaver College where he has taught since 1978.  He has received the Charles and Harriet Luckman, Center for Teaching Excellence, and Howard A. White teaching awards, has published five books, edited four books and published sixty academic articles.  In addition, he served on active duty for three years in the U.S. Naval Reserve and held positions during his service at the Naval Postgraduate School and the Executive Office of the President in Washington, D.C.  This past summer he organized the Pepperdine Committee on Student Veterans. 

Previous Years

Max Cameron, (University of British Columbia) "Constituent Power in Latin America"
Leo Chavez, (University of California, Irvine) "Children of Immigrants, Belonging, and Citizenship"

Tom McLean (Arnold and Porter, LLP) "The Value of Foreign Direct Investment In Bringing Nations Together"

Dr. Lynda Stone (University of north Carolina) "Education's Hero? Icons, John Dewey, and Ethics"
Dr. Michael R. Curtis (Office of Sustainable Development Bureau of Africa) "Sub-Saharan Africa and the Bottom Billion"
Garry Brewer (Yale University) "The Business of the Environment: Trends and Challenges of Natural Resource Management"

Dr. Hilal Elver (UC Santa Barbara) "Water Barons vs. Water Warriors: New Water Wars"
Dr. Robert L. Tignor (Princeton University) "African Underdevelopment: Historical Perspectives"

Dr. Michael Ross (UCLA) "Oil Wealth as an Obstacle to Peace and Democracy"
Richard Falk (Princeton University) "A Vision of UN Reform: Global Challenge to Governments and Citizens"

Dr. Natalia Mirovitskaya (Duke University) "International Development and Poverty-Insecurity Nexus"
Masao Miyoshi (UCSD) "From Humanities to Ecology"

Pranab Bardham (UC Berkeley) "The Rise of China and India: A Comparative Economic Assessment”

Dr. Anand Yang (University of Washington) "Contemporary India in Comparative and Global Perspective: The View from Beijing and Washington"
Dr. Arif Dirlik (University of Oregon) “Asia Pacific Studies in an Age of Global Modernity”

Carlos Alberto Torres (UCLA) "The Globalization Question and Education"


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