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In 2005, the PBRC inaugurated a Summer Research Grants program for Soka University of America faculty. Starting in 2008, the Center began offering two Summer Research Grants of $5,000 each for faculty interested in pursuing research on topics relevant to countries and peoples in and around the Pacific Basin.  PBRC offers biennial grant awards to faculty to: 1) prepare and submit a research proposal to external funding sources such as foundations, government agencies, international organizations, or nonprofit groups to pursue applied or scholarly research on a topic affecting Pacific Basin countries; and 2) prepare a 25-30 page working paper based on the grant proposal examining the state of knowledge and future research needs for the issue(s) for which external funding is sought.  The working papers will be published in a new PBRC Working Papers Series. The award years are: 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017.
The Summer Research Grants are intended both as “seed money” to help faculty prepare proposals to grant-making organizations for larger amounts of external funding for Pacific Basin research and as a means of disseminating knowledge about the Pacific Basin in fields in which SUA faculty are doing research and offering courses.